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The Dried Food Recipes For Life


Drying and preserving food for future is a common method in the modern days whereby the food can be stored for longer and used when needed. Dried food is basically when the water content from the food is removed to preserve it and it has been happening for years now, it goes as far back as 12,000BC. Dried food recipes are far and varied and every type of dry food has its own special methods of cooking until edible.

A modern name for dried food recipes is processed food recipes. Dried fruit and seeds are good and healthy, but dried food recipes are frowned upon as the removal of the water in food causes dehydration in the eater. A type of dried food used in almost all dried food recipes is the Bouillon cube or stock. This is a seasoning that is available both in meat and vegetable flavor and is mostly used in soups, gravy and stews all over the world with varied amounts of spice according to each region of the world.
The most common dried food recipes include instant breakfasts, instant coffee, condensed milk, dehydrated or powdered eggs, evaporated milk, dried ice cream, non dairy creamer for tea and coffee, oatmeal and powdered milk. Dried and processed food has merged into our everyday lives so much that we don’t even notice the difference sometimes. A few other wonderful recipe tips to help you in this area can be found if you check out this page.

The advantages of dried food are that, the food is very light, as it has all the water removed from it before eating and also, these types of preserved food rarely needs refrigeration and these foods, however frowned upon, still manage to have some of the nutrient purity and taste even after the drying process.

On the other hand, dried food recipes are that they are very expensive compared to the natural version as they have a longer shelf life. The other thing is that most people do not know how to use dried food in the recipes while cooking. The one thing to remember always when making dried food is that the cook needs to rehydrate them before use with either cold water or hot water before eating and that is the only thing needed to be done with most instant or dried food recipes. Dried foods are the best when it comes to emergency food situation as they take less than fifteen minutes to cook at the most.

The one thing to watch out for when buying dried food is the calorie count. Most dried food have a very high calorie count and also have a high sugar level in them compared to their former state when it comes to fruits and nuts. In vegetables and other foods, the dried food will have a higher content of Sodium, especially if the dried food is met of any kind as processing meat for longer shelf life adds a lot of Sodium into it.  

Dried food recipes have its advantages and as long as the cook knows his or her way around the recipe, it is the most efficient method of cooking.